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Credit Card Transaction - this is an example of how a secure transaction works. All screens may be customized by you or your webmaster.

  • Click Here to demo your Virtual Terminal! This is a live sample of the secure Oracle® 8 Database interface you will use to manage your charges; search past business, enter orders manually, give refunds, etc.. Please note most other administration systems are accessible from here for your convenience.

Easycart & Smartscreens - visit an Online Retail Store.

FraudTrack - a view of the FraudTrack Control Panel where you specify your own rules of what types of transactions to allow.

Membership Management Demo - working sample of the sturdy Oracle® 8 Database interface used to manage subscription-based sites.

Affiliate Management - making more sales means paying commissions to those that display your advertising banners. This is how you enroll and pay them.

Secure Downloads (Digital Payload Delivery) Site - coming soon