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Membership & Subscription Management

NAB Technologies’ Membership Management provides your site reliable password-for-payment protection. The system instantly enables each customer, upon successful payment, to access restricted areas of your site. Customer-friendly features include the ability to cancel, look up lost passwords, change pertinent bio information and renew expired memberships. Includes automated periodic billing if applicable and online HelpDesk™ for centralized customer support. Windows NT or IIS may be supported for an extra fee.

This robust system includes an extensive online Membership Management Database to search, edit and even export your subscriber database to use with word processing, spreadsheet or marketing software applications.When the customer chooses the pay button on the checkout page our DirectLink™ secure payment script opens. This script opens a page (form) which collects the customers billing information as well as their desired username and password. After the information is entered the username is checked for uniqueness and the credit card is checked for validity. If both are found acceptable, the customer is granted real-time access.

The customer may then be automatically re-billed on their anniversary date if desired. A comprehensive user management interface is included (see below).

Free or reduced price trial periods are easily established or modified using your management screens.


Edit Customer Database:
Used to update members' vital information. Within this area are two important functions:

Delete User:
Once deleted, a customer is removed from the billing cycle and their password is allowed to expire on its natural end date.

Disable User:
If a customer is found to have given their password out, a user can be removed immediately.

Search Users:
Find a member based upon input criteria.

Add User Manually:
Useful for orders taken off-line.

Export Selected Areas of Database:
Into a comma delimited format, automatically uploaded to your maindatabase and/or imported to your desktop for bulk emailing, label printing and other membership administration functions.

Membership Management Demo - working sample of the sturdy Oracle® 8 Database interface used to manage subscription-based sites and on-demand media viewers.

NEW! On-Board Customer Service and Anti-Theft Systems!
Your Self-Service HelpDesk is included to provide customers real-time access to their lost passwords as well as an intuitive, fully automated question and answer form to immediately give the answers to solve the most common problems they may encounter in attempting to access the paid site areas. Also includes several security enhancements to the previous Membership Management program including I.P. address authenticated Publicized Password Protection. Excessive usage monitors sun around the clock to protect from bulk theft of your intellectual property.

Total Subscription Management Gold™; Total Subscription Management Gold™ is complete, hands-on site management by experienced NAB Customer Service Agents. NAB manages and responds to all customer issues including refund requests, chargeback defense and lost passwords. Total Subscription Management Gold™ is the ultimate in hands-free management for your busy subscription site. It gives you all of the features of the Membership & Subscription Management Program™ plus complete hands-free management of your online charges. Our NAB Site Managers will receive and answer all complaints, issue refunds and credits is appropriate, manually look-up lost password when the HelpDesk™ is just not enough, defend chargebacks and whatever else we can find to make your life even easier by fully automating customer service. Contact us for more information.