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Payload [Download] Delivery™

This is a program to instantly deliver electronic files and charge fees for the viewing or download of these files. Use SoftCart™ with Payload Delivery™ to enable bulk purchasing of downloadable files, if desired (see the "Building Your Online Store" section for more information about SoftCart™). Ideal for information sources, authors, bookstores and software vendors-anything that can be put online for immediate download. Here's how it works:

  • Customer enters site and selects product(s) for download.
  • North American Bancard™ creates a secure payment screen and collects billing information.
  • Upon successful credit card authorization, Payload Delivery™ creates "vanishing URLs" for the download.
  • These URLs may be bookmarkable or non-bookmarkable at the merchant's option.
  • Customer is allowed access to these URLs for a suitable period of time and completes download.
  • NAB verifies that the document has been successfully transferred to customer.
  • "Vanishing URLs" vanish allowing no further access to the files after a specified period of time, typically 2 hours.

Suitable document formats include, but are not limited to: ASCII Text Files (.txt), Adobe¬ Portable Document Files (.pdf), Compressed Files (.zip, .tar, .hqx), Multimedia (.mov, .mpg, .avi, .ram), Microsoft Word & Excel Documents (.doc, .xls), Database Files, PowerPoint Presentations (.ppt).