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Pay-Per-View Broadcasting & Authentication Systems

As the leader in transaction technologies, North American Bancard™ did the first pay-per-view Internet Simulcast ever in 1997 with North American BancardPerView™! Uses for North American BancardPerView™ include instructional videos, online movie distribution, taped lectures, meetings, important events, video conferencing, etc.

Streaming media (audio and/or video that plays as it downloads) is becoming more important as technology and bandwidth improves, and the quality is excellent, especially at higher connection speeds. Very soon millions of households and companies will have DSL connections, cable and satellite modems, and will take streaming media for granted.

North American BancardPerView™ service is divided into live or on-demand broadcasts. Operating in a similar manner to cable television, live events are seen as they occur and viewers may log-on at any point during the event. On-demand files are archived (stored on your server) with access provided from the beginning as viewers pay.

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