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EZ Cart™ - The Only Remotely Hosted Shopping Cart System!

Since the software runs on our servers, your site may be hosted anywhere!
You can gain complete freedom from your ISP's e-commerce software:
  • There are no hosting or web server requirements, anyone can host your site.
  • The software is completely operating system independent.
  • Setting up for real time NAB DirectLink™ credit card processing is already done.
  • Your site is easily integrated by just adding a "quantity field" and "add to order" button to each product, and completing our on line form containing the price and shipping information for each of your products.

Included with every DirectLink HTML™ program for no extra charge.

EZCart™ was developed in-house and continues to be refined by our technologists at North American Bancard to provide a cost-effective solution (it's free with Directlink™ HTML) with all necessary functionality and secure credit card processing to commerce-enable your shopping site. There is no known limit to the number of products it can support.

Fully customizable, interactive shopping system for any site hosted anywhere! Since it runs on our servers, any site hosted anywhere can add this feature with the addition of some form-based HTML code to your site (item I.D., quantity fields and 'Add To Cart' buttons - view the HTML source on our products page) and the completion of our online installation wizard with tax, price and shipping information (simple instructions provided).

Supports sales tax and shipping calculations, formats purchases for DirectLink™ credit card authorization. Pre-installed on our servers or ready-to-install on yours.

Live EZCart Shopping Site

What is a "Shopping Cart"?
Simply stated, a shopping cart is a software application that lets customers put items in an internet "storage basket" for easy, simultaneous purchase. It calculates shipping (based on pricing, number of items or weight) and sales tax, and also may be set-up to send a copy of the completed order to your fulfillment center, accountant or other email capable locations.