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SmartScreens™ Included with every DirectLink HTML™ program for no extra charge.

Boldly highlights inaccurate information in your customer's payment screen as shown to encourage successful card approvals. (as opposed to simply asking them to hit their back button & figure it out on their own.)

It also acts as a single-page shopping cart, and may be customized to calculate tax, shipping and total your customer's purchases right from the payment screens, reducing the need for a cumbersome shopping cart or catalog program for sites with just a few products.

If the charge is successful, it then emails digital receipt to both you, your fulfillment center and your customer (if desired). If not approved, it gives the reason to your customer (as supplied by their bank) and gives them an opportunity to submit a vaild card by presenting an updated screen.

NOTE - You may customize the screen with color and graphics [i.e. your logo].