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The Virtual Terminal Program is a password protected, securely encrypted, database from which you administer your charges. This has several important functions you will quickly learn to rely on. (Results can, of course be printed and the hard-copies retained for your records.)

Included with every DirectLink HTML™ program for no extra charge.

(Note that each field comes complete with a thorough "Help" link to guide you through the program.)

Card Queries - Marking & Unmarking:
Search your charge history by card type, transaction status, date parameters, order ID, estimated dollar amount and/or card number.

Also used to determine what charges you wish to mark or unmark (submit or set-aside) for immediate deposit to your checking account. (For example, if an item is out-of-stock, you may not wish to submit it in today's batch.)

Card Input & Returns:
Enter cards from phone, mail and other off-line orders, issue customer refunds.

Assemble and Submit a Batch:
This is the area you will most likely enter daily to actually authorize the bank to deposit each pending charge into your account. Batches (groups of pending charges not yet settled) may be assembled by card type, transaction type, date, amount and may be limited to a specific number of items to streamline bookkeeping. (The batching process can be automated if you so desire.)

Review Batchs:
Here you can research pending or past batches for easy recincilliation with your bank statements.